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Film and television security is a unique role and very different to other types of security assignments. You will most likely be working outdoors, in all weather conditions and in a wide variety of locations and you must be prepared for this! We work in the Locations Department and we assist them with tasks as well as looking after the Assets and IP (Intellectual Property) of a production. You WILL NOT be looking after movie stars.

We typically look after kit and equipment, technical vehicles, car parks and holding areas as well as cone parking bays ready for filming. The hours are long, and it is NOT a glamorous job in film and television. You need to be prepared, wearing the correct uniform (especially footwear) and show up on time, 15 minutes before your shift starts for a full handover. We want people on our team who are coachable and are willing to undertake our in-house training modules, and most importantly, implement them into everyday practice!

Just take 5 minutes to fill in the application form below. Successful candidates will be invited to an interview or one of our assessment days.

If you are successful with initial review from the application form, we will send a more comprehensive survey to ensure we have all your details.

Do you need experience?

Previous film experience is preferable but not essential. For the right candidates, we will provide training. Most of the training happens on the job but we have developed a specialised eLearning platform with certification to further assist and if offered we expect you to undertake the provided learning.

You will need to be smart, friendly and approachable as you will be working with the client, crew and the general public, and you must maintain professionalism at all times.

Do I need a license?

Absolutely! You will not be able to work for us without a valid SIA License and you MUST have it on display when you are working on any Movie Lot job! It is a condition of your license that whilst working, it is visible to members of the public! We will check this when you first join us and we will conduct regular checks with the SIA.


What kit do I need?

We expect all security to be wearing the correct uniform and be carrying with them their own essential kit. The standard security wear is ‘all blacks’ and it is no different in film and television security. Not only is it smart looking, but it’s an industry standard so you are visible and are easily identifiable as a front line security professional. 

As you now know, film and television security is very different to other types of security and you need to be prepared to work in all weather conditions and in a variety of locations. You need to be prepared! You will need appropriate clothing, especially footwear and a yellow hi-vis vest.

Film sets can often be similar to construction sites with plant machinery and heavy goods vehicles moving about and its vital that you have good footwear and are wearing a yellow hi-viz vest. You need to be safe, and be seen! Part of our role is to use traffic cones to assist with suspending parking bays. You will need at least x12 of these. Its rare that work is available where cones are not needed so ensure you have some. 

You can get black clothing, footwear, a yellow hi-viz and traffic cones from local hardware shops (such as Screwfix and Toolstation). You will be given a company hi-viz as soon as possible but please have one in your own kit in case one is not available immediately.

Black Polo Shirt or T-Shirt

Black Trousers or Combats

Black Boots

12 Traffic Cones

Black Fleece/Jacket

Black Beanie/Baseball Cap

Black Waterproof Clothing

Yellow Hi-Vis Vest

How to Apply?

If the above sounds like you, then take 5 minutes to fill in the application form below and upload your CV for us to view.

Depending on work availability, if you are successful at this stage we will be in touch. Please note that any offers of work will be subject to right to work checks and a full screening and vetting process.


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