The History of

The Movie Lot

The Founding Director of The Movie Lot

Is the actor Tony Denham
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His unique knowledge of the industry as an actor

his sense of humour and familiarity with crew and production made him a popular figure on sets

More security work followed

With productions from television, commercials and pop promos

A trading name was needed

and so The Movie Lot was created

And in 2000

the epic journey began on all 8 of the Harry Potter Films
based at the infamous Leavesden Studios

To this day

The Movie Lot continues to serve and protect major productions
providing security, traffic management, close protection & location support services
The Movie Lot works hard to consistently raise our standards & better our practice
our accreditations and partners include the following industry benchmarks

In 1998 whilst working as an extra

Tony was asked if he could stay on and look after an artists winnebago.

In 1995, Tony was asked to work officially as security on a film

coming over from the US called Funny Bones, looking after a crowd of 300 in Blackpool

As the business grew on the backlots

of Pinewood, Shepperton & Elstree
One of the earliest and original film security companies in existence today

In 1999

The companies work ethic & reputation
quickly led to the major blockbuster Gladiator

And in 2004

we secured the Blockbuster Batman Begins
providing security for Gotham City at Cardington Hangars as well as locations around the UK

And in 2022

we attended Windsor Castle to once again film with HM The Queen
for the much loved Paddington Bear and The Marmalade Sandwich scene for the Platinum Jubilee
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He has worked in the film industry since 1984

and appeared in films like...

Film security as we know it today

was very much in its infancy then and Tony was always on hand to assist if there were any issues

Including in 1996 the iconic music video for 3 lions

with Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds

In 1998

Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow
Was the first big feature for the new Movie Lot brand
High profile movies and tv productions continued
including the epic Lara Croft Tomb Raider : The Cradle of Life
Working on high profile events including HM 2012 London Olympics
securing Buckingham Palace & locking off Tower Bridge for the infamous Helicopter scene
We look forward to working with you soon