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Production Security

The Movie Lot is dedicated to securing the Assets and IP of a production and is devoted to maintaining a safe and secure filming environment, while serving and protecting cast and crew 24hrs a day. For a number of years, we have held accreditations and are regularly audited for the British Assessment Bureau ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the Safe Contractor award and our security guards are screened and vetted to BSI Standards BS:8406, BS:7690 and BS:7858.

We hold a number of specially tailored insurance products including public, product, pollution, professional and employers liability up to £10 million pounds each so you can be assured that the security company you are using is fully covered as well as meeting important industry standards. We have a select pool of fully trained, industry-aware, qualified and seasoned guards who are on call to accommodate the changing needs and schedules of a production, at any time of day or night and as a company we are experienced in adapting to last minute bookings and schedule changes.

Providing security to the entertainment industry is far more than simply assigning guards, roping off areas and arranging for secure transportation. It requires an in-depth understanding of filmmaking culture, an appreciation of who the productions and performers are and what they do on a day-to-day basis, and, most importantly, what level of service they expect.

We are experts at providing round the clock cover both in the studio and on location covering a variety of positions including the set, technical vehicles, unit base and car park as well as assisting with lock-offs and crowd control involving members of the public. We are unique in incorporating digital security logs into every job that provides live updates throughout a shoot and enables detailed logging and tracking to ensure accurate working hours and invoicing. All our rotas are also uploaded here therefore providing a fully transparent service to the client.

We understand the importance of your project’s public relations within a host locality and our experienced and courteous guards and supervisors will employ tact and respect whilst looking after the best interests of your production, ensuring it is safe and secure at all times.

Traffic Management

The Movie Lot provides comprehensive and Bespoke Traffic Management packages for all sectors of Film, Television and Event work to suit all budgets. Our in-house design team supply detailed layouts and CAD work drawings, which enable you to professionally plan and prepare your production or event safely and securely and can we can turn CADS and RAMS around quickly.

We act as the link between the creative process and ensuring that road filming is carried out safely and under the strict highway codes. The Movie Lot operatives and senior management are trained to the National Highway Sector Scheme accreditation 12A, 12B, and 12D standards, have years of experience in the film sector, and they will carry out the safe implementation, maintenance and removal of Traffic Management schemes.

We offer cost effective solutions while keeping the shoot safe and our supervisors will work closely with the first AD to ensure communication channels are open.

Location Support

With over 30 years in the business, The Movie Lot is proud to offer the highest level of assistance to the locations department, supporting and assisting in any way we can. We provide full support to any production, big or small, and offer a range of services suited to your individual needs. We are specialists in the field and working alongside location departments, we ensure the smooth running of any location 24 hours a day.

With this in mind, The Movie Lot prides itself in the level of location assistance we are able to provide on any set, and guarantee the same attention will be given to all productions, big or small. Our operatives are adept at maintaining a good relationship with the Location owner and neighbours, keeping them informed of any updates and reassuring them that their property is being looked after.

With our operatives on the ground 24/7 we are best placed to be the eyes and ears of the locations team and our digital time stamped logs helps provide a live feed ensuring potential issues are picked up quickly and dealt with efficiently. We are able to monitor deliveries and collections, heating/cooling systems, generator diesel levels/water & waste bowsers and react to wind damage or any other issues.

Having been in the business for as long as we have, we have a large network and resources available to us so can assist in connecting your production with both location and/or unit managers. We have also adapted our in-house eLearning modules and will be launching a certificate in 2024 for new entrants to locations departments such as Location Marshalls.

Close Protection

With our specialist Executive Protection services, The Movie Lot is the go-to company to provide professional expertise in celebrity protection and bodyguard deployment. Our specialists include ex-military and police, alongside licensed security bodyguards, all of whom have extensive protection training and are highly experienced in this field.

We offer a complete service to our clients, fully tailored to meet your needs and your budget. All our operatives are thoroughly trained to be as unobtrusive and discreet as our client desires, are always respectful to the client and situation, and of course maintain strict client confidentiality.

We have the ability to work worldwide, wherever your clients need to be, and can provide an advance party to secure the venue and location. We can also assist with social and holiday arrangements as part of our Close Protection package, and provide a transport option, offering executive travel with a range of vehicles that suits your requirements.

Covid Marshalls

When the pandemic hit us in 2020 and the film industry came to a standstill, we immediately diversified our services in response to the emerging crisis. We supplied the NHS with security operatives to protect medical staff and enforce the new covid protocols in Central London hospitals.

As the film and television industry tentatively returned to work we were approached by productions to supply marshals to various studios and out on location based on the experience we had working in the NHS. We worked closely with production covid supervisors and supplied covid marshals to ensure the cast and crew were kept safe and were adhering to the productions’ specific covid protocols.

We undertook extra training and provided signage as well as our own PPE including masks. Thankfully, the pandemic is now over but we are ready to adapt to any future challenges should the need arise again.



Since 2022, we have been developing our own unique in-house eLearning platform and certification scheme. We identified early on that film and television security is a unique type of security service which up until now has mostly been learnt on the job. This can be quite challenging as leads & supervisors are often busy running jobs and not always able to get round to everyone especially where people are new to the role. 

We recognised early on that there is a need to provide training for operatives, both new starters and experienced, and that we could bridge this gap through offering eLearning that can be accessed remotely from anywhere, 24/7 and the first students began accessing our modules in December 2022

Because this is a specialist field, we didn’t want to just buy in and deliver stock courses that bare little resemblance to life in the entertainment industry. We used our existing company handbooks as a basis, and began to build on our knowledge and expertise to create our own bespoke in-house training platform.

We continue to evolve and develop our modules and we are in the process of adapting some universal ones that can be utilised for new entrants into the locations department, such as location Marshalls. We hope to launch these in 2024.